Wednesday, August 27

We Don't Leave Home Without It!!!

No, it's not our the commercial says....LOL LOL It's our Shrek lunchbag...yup...this very vibrant little bag......It has to be the brightest lunch bag on the market, seriously!! But this in the one Little Man picked out a while back, so here it is!!
Keeping the kiddies occupied at at the store is sometimes a bit of a task! But, over the years I have learned to pack little things in the trusty Shrek lunch bag and take them wherever we go. I re-pack the bag each and every outing we go mix it up a bit. There is always drinks for the kiddies, a snack or two...for some reason seeing food in the store makes them so hungry!!! I also pack things to keep them busy too. It varies from stickers and a small notebook, markers and paper for Little Man, a calculator, small happy meal toys, pretend phone for Little Miss's enjoyment, empty toilet paper rolls...(They make great spotting scopes for Little Man to help me find things I am looking for throughout the store), or whatever else I think they will be happy playing with in the cart!! Sometimes I even put Little Man's Leapster in there (He only play s this on the go, never at it is a treat to play!)

I have found that they now look for the Shrek we are heading out the door...they know that fun things are inside!! Yes, it is a bit bright to carry around...and yes, I am sure I look a tad silly carrying it everywhere I go...but I wouldn't leave home without it!! Ever!! Maybe I need to get a pair of Neon green pants next time I am out..then I'll match....LOL LOL

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Angie said...

I kinda do the same thing (drinks, snacks and toys for outings)....but I really like the idea of using the same bag (kid themed) and putting "surprise" toys in it, changing it up, etc......LOVE IT! Next time we head out I'll try it out the "new and improved" way. :)


Anonymous said...

That is a great idea! I would have to have a mighty big bag to feed and entertain mine at the store...and heaven forbid I ever forgot it...the world would end!
(Youngish Mom of Four Boys)

AmyK said...

Wow, that's something I wish i knew about sooner! Sure would have saved a lot of trouble!! LOVE this idea! Thanks so much for sharing.

Donna said...

Good thinkin' lil' mommie!

When my kids were smaller, my 'diaper bag' looked more like a suitcase!:-)

Anonymous said...

I like the idea about the toilet paper rolls as spotting scopes! I'm going to try this with my little one.

Honey Mommy said...

That sounds like a good idea. Then the kids can have a bag and you don't have to carry their stuff in YOUR purse/bag!

Anonymous said...

Brillaint idea to keep kiddos happy and occupied while out. Such an effective and "duh" idea. At least I can use this idea for when I have grandkids. Although I could see my my mid-20 kiddos getting a kick out of this. '-)