Friday, August 1

Are You a Member???

A few people have recently asked me about whether or not Warehouse Clubs are worth the membership fees?? Do I really get a lot of deals there? Does the membership pay itself off? Is it really worth it to join??

We split a membership with my in-laws to offset the $40 membership fee. So it breaks down to just $20 year for us to belong. It is not the type of place that you can get everything there if you are a heavy coupon user and on sale shopper like me........but we do get a few great buys there!!

Here are some of the items we buy at Sam's...(We only go once a month usually)

*Meats-Boneless Chicken Breasts (usually $1.99- $2.09 a lb. is very clean, and does not have tons of ligaments in it!)
-Ground Beef (usually between $1.89 - $2.09 a lb.) is always fresh.
-Rotisserie Chicken -$4.99 each...they are delicious!! Great for a fast dinner!!
-Hamburgers for the summer months.

*Juice....My little ones love juice...if it is not on sale at any other store and I am running out I get it at Sam's...they have 2 large bottles (Bigger than grocery store size) Mott's 100% Apple Juice for just under $4 for both. I find that there 100% juice boxes are a bit high in price though.

*Half & Half and Heavy Cream for recipes....These are half the price you would pay at the grocery store!

*Fruit...Fuji Apples, Pineapples, Strawberries, etc. They have the freshest fruit at reasonable prices! They are in large quantities though so you must be a fruit lover!!

*Electronics....We have purchased Ipods, TV's, telephones, Children's DVD's......Plus, they have very cheap extended warranties. When we bought our TV a few months ago at Sam's the extended warranty was only $59 at Sam' apposed to paying over $200 at Best Buy!!

*Contacts-They have an eye wear department that hubby has used twice and been very happy!

*Furniture- They have various pieces of furniture such as patio sets, end tables, sofas, recliners, etc. We purchased a name brand leather sofa there on Clearance for just $399!!! And we love it!!

*Mattresses....they have all sizes, and few different styles at great prices. We have purchased two from Sam's in over the years!

*Tires....they have a tire department....My father-in-law has used it twice in the many years we have belonged!! He said they have name brands at good prices...and installation is cheaper than most places!!

*Bread- They sell bread in 2-pack loaves.....we buy Strohmann wheat bread 2 loaves for just $3.59!! The same bread at our local grocery store is over $2.50 a loaf!!

*Entertaining- Sam's is great if you have a lot of parties too!! They have a very reasonable bakery for cakes and desserts!! They have a great selection of veggie ($7.xx) and fruit trays (11.xx) too!! We love the shrimp platters they have ($12.xx) ..and our guests love them too...LOL LOL

These are just some of the items we have bought and continue to buy at Sam's Club. There are many items at Sam's that are just not cheap enough for me!! On some things such as paper towels, shampoo, toilet paper, baby wipes, diapers, etc.....I do much better shopping on sale with coupons (Mostly Thanks to CVS!!!)!! You just have to know your prices and be able to pass on temptation....sometimes all those yummy FREE samples reel you in...LOL LOL I was a tad reluctant many years back on joining...but hubby thought it was a great idea!! He was right!! We love Sam's and they have saved us a bundle on many occasions!!

Are you a Warehouse shopper? Are you able to find great deals at the club where you are a member??


mommagurl32 said...

Hubby uses heavy cream a lot when he cooks, I never thought to get it at Sams...I will have to check it out next time I go! Thanks

Emma Caroline said...

I have been hesitant on joining Sam's but after reading your post, I may go to see what it's about! Thanks!

Niki said...

We have a card through my friend. She bought a membership for her family and she could get one additional card for someone else at no additional fee. So she got one for me!

I have to say that we love Sam's for the super-cheap film developing. And their sheet cakes are like half the price of the ones at the grocery store.


Robin said...

We have a Sam's membership through our Church and we love it. It is where we take the kids to eat out on the cheap. We can feed our family of 6 for less than $15 and when we go to the bakery they give the boys free cookies.

If you have a Big Lots close to you, check them out for bread. Ours has great bread for $1.10 a loaf. It is the 100% whole wheat, white wheat and even double fiber. So it is a better deal for us than bread at Sam's.

Miss Mommy said...

Robin thanks for the bread tip, unfortunetly the closet Bog Lots to me is about 30 minutes away. My sister used to live near one years ago though...and she loved that place!!!