Monday, August 4

Dove Deal.....

Are you a Dove Soap lover?? If so then you are in luck this week!! Dollar General has 4-Packs of Dove Bar Soap (Assorted Formulas) on Sale for just $2.50!!! A savings of $1.00 a Pack!! Remember Dollar General accepts manufactures coupons as well for additional savings!!

The sale runs through Sunday August 10th. Click here to find a store near you!

Plenty of Dove Free Samples sure to sign up if you haven't already!!


Meghan said...

Dollar General...have you ever been? Is it really worth it?
Tell me!
Tell me!

Miss Mommy said...

For me it's right near CVS it is totally not out of the way at all!! Plus we were on our last bar of soap so....I ran in yesterday and got 4 packs of Dove and used 4 coupons. That is all I bought there. The 4-packs of Dove also had a FREE Trial size of Boday Wash attached to it too!! Yeah!!

They do have nice greeting cards there though if you are in need of any?? The lady in front of me in line spent $75...WOW!! She was even buying clothes for herself...YIKES!!