Wednesday, August 20

Ours is Going Bye Bye.....

At the beginning of the summer Linens N Things announced that it was having financial problems and that they would be closing under-performing stores. I like Linens N Things, and was very happy when I found out the one closest to us would be sticking around. I was not surprised at they are always very busy whenever I was there. I am not a regular weekly shopper at LNT, but I have gotten many hard to find items there over the years!! And with the 20% off and $5 coupons they mailed to me so frequently...I have gotten many great deals there!! I especially loved their cocktail drink mixes for BBQ's and parties. They were always a hit with guests!!

So yesterday I had to run an errand and noticed that there were "Going out of Business" signs all over the front doors to LNT!!! could that be?? Then I read this yesterday....and this explains why my LNT will not be around much longer!! Bummer!!

So here's to you LNT....I wish you did not have to go....I will miss you!!

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