Monday, August 4

Free Roll of Film Developed!!!

FREE Roll of Film developed at Walgreen's on Wednesday 8-6-08 Only with Coupon from this past Sunday's Weekly Walgreen's Ad!! Includes 1 set of 4 X 6 Prints and negatives from 35mm or APS Film only. Single use cameras are included as well. Limit 1 coupon per order.

My coupon was on Page 7. You can also print a coupon from the Walgreen's website or they usually have extra Weekly Ads in your local Walgreen's store entrance.

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Meghan said...

I just printed this coupon off this morning.
I am so taking it with me to get film that I have from when I went to Europe in 2005 with my ex husband.
Won't that be interesting to see what develops. LOL