Tuesday, August 5

That Kitchen Sponge......

They are just a staple, must have item in most kitchens!! Whether we use them for scrubbing the bottom of a pot or pan, wiping off the counters, or wiping out the sink, it is in use multiple times a day for various cleaning tasks!! But try to think about the last time you actually cleaned the sponge you use in your kitchen?? Sponges can be full of bacteria and germs from all the cleaning-up tasks they perform...so frequent cleaning of them is a must to keep them germ free until you get open up a new package of them!!

I have found that cooking them in our microwave is a great way to get rid of the many germs on our sponges!! I just place the soaking wet sponge (must be very wet) in the microwave for 2 minutes. Then using a hot pad (sponge will be Hot!) I remove the sponge and let it cool off on the counter...then squeeze out the excess water after cooling.

I have also placed my kitchen sponge in the dishwasher a few times to clean it as well. I just placed it in my utensil holder and let it run through the whole wash/dry cycle. Works just as well...just takes a bit longer.

Before we had a dishwasher...I must admit we used sponges way more than we do now!! I used to sanitize them a few times a week, and replace them after about a week or so. As they would start to loose the scrubbing pad part from so much use!! No matter how long you decide to keep them...just be sure to keep them clean in the meantime!!

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