Thursday, August 14

A Duh Moment.....

You see Little Miss's hair is getting a bit longer now and it tends to get all knotted after washing. When her hair was a bit thinner and not quite as long I would just comb out the knots, no problem. Well, now she is a bit wiser and when she sees the yellow comb come out of the drawer...she would start to scream !!! I would feel so bad......Unfortunately, I am just not into the knotted hair look for her!! LOL LOL

So while in the bath yesterday the two kiddies were playing as usual and then it was time for washing. Little Man asked me if Little Miss could use his hair soap today...he said "I think she will love it." How could I resist his niceness?? So I said "Sure". You see Little Man uses Tear Free Kiddie Shampoo & Conditioner (Pert Plus kids at this present moment....Thanks to ShopRite for the Freebie!!). While Little Miss uses tear free baby shampoo. We finished up with the bath and proceeded to the bedrooms to get lotioned up and dressed.

After dressing Little Miss I took out her little brush and started brushing her hair. Guess what??? No need to even pull out the comb...her hair was soft as silk and knot free!! Thanks to the Pert Plus w/Conditioner and Little Man's great idea!!

And to think of all the times I have been in the baby isle picking up baby shampoo for little Miss.....not even thinking to get Shampoo with de-tangler in it!!! Can you tell I had a boy first????

Just one of the many Duh moments that occur daily in my world...LOL LOL

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