Tuesday, August 19

New To You.....

I am all about trying to clean out the house of anything we are no longer using or that does not fit!! I am a clutter hater, big time!! I feel as though the more clutter we have around....the more stuff I have to move out of the way when I clean. And me, personally I like to make that lovely job of cleaning as easy and painless as possible.

Although I love to move things outta here...I also do not like to just through perfectly good things away in the trash either. If I can find "our junk" a good home....I am very happy!! In most cases it really is not junk.....it is just stuff we no longer have a use for, but is in fine shape. I do usually participate in a yard sale once a year...but I am not really into storing every single item in the attic until the sale happens usually months away. So in order to pass on things we no longer need at any time of year I am big into Craigslist.

If I think I can sell something on Craigslist I do list it and see how it goes....I have sold lots on the site... a cradle swing from Little Miss, a baby walker, a washer, dryer, sofa, toddler bed, baby clothes, and a few other misc. items too. I have had great success with Craigslist.....even if I only make a few bucks...it was a few bucks more than I had plus it is out of our house!!!

Craigslist also has a free section.....in fact just this past Sunday we went a few towns over and picked up 10 baby koi fish for our pond!! Yippee!! I have also listed items in the Free section to give away as well...I was so astonished by the overwhelming response the many times I have offered items!!

I also have purchased many things from Craigslists as well!! Especially when Little Miss was younger I remember I purchased a nice big lot of Newborn baby clothes, all new with the tags for a fraction of the price I would of payed in-store. I was so excited to get the great deal....and the lady was excited to be able to see them get some use!!

I love Craigslist to me it is like an online yard sale....you can almost find whatever you are looking for on there at a fraction of the retail price...and even sometimes it is brand new!!

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Meghan said...

Funny you should mention Craigslist...2 weeks ago I sold an older tv & tonight I am meeting a lady to sell Cheek's pack n play.

I folded his play pen up over the weekend so that is next to be listed on there.

Now if I could just get someone to buy my Little Sole's doll, I would be all set.