Tuesday, August 5

Receipts, Receipts...Everywhere!!!

Well this week it is all about organizing our store receipts!! It's not fun tackle....but let me just tell you I have put it off for too long as it is!! I am a huge fan of saving store receipts for a period of time after a purchase we make just in case something goes wrong with the purchase. Perhaps an item does not work as it should, it does not fit right, we change our mind that we do not need it or like it, or something is defective.....you just never know!!! Now-a-days you cannot return in most stores without a receipt, so for this reason I save them!!

How do I save them...you ask?? Well that is where the problem lies.....We do not have a desk any longer..as we just do not have the space for one in this house. So, currently, we just toss them onto our attic steps!!! Here is the pile from the attic steps:

I decided that I needed to go threw all the receipts and get rid of the ones we no longer need to keep saving...I actually found a receipt for a jar of grape jelly and box of cereal from 2007!!! LOL LOL I think the time has expired on returning those items...LOL LOL

Since our current system of piling receipts up on the attic steps is not working real well.... we will now keep all our receipts in this folder for safe keeping:

I also went through all the receipts and shredded old ones we no longer need to save....I actually filled the shredder basket twice!!! Either it has been a while since doing this...or we buy a lot of stuff...LOL LOL

These are the receipts that we will continue to keep...as they are for electronic purchases, lawn and garden purchases, purchases recently made, and other important misc. receipts!

I must admit this tackle took a little while....but now I can find a receipt in a matter of seconds...instead of having to look through hundreds of them in an unorganized, mass of confusion!!!

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Homesteader in Training said...

I'm a receipt saver as well. But yes there comes a time when we actually have to go through them. I think I still have some from 1998 lol. Thanks for the reminder lol

Brenda said...

Such a great tackle! A few months ago I started keeping a large manilla envelope in the kitchen that I stick reciepts into everyday day. I label the envelopes by month & file them away at the end of the month. Not a perfect system, but it helps me cut down on paper clutter!

The Apron Queen said...

Steps make for a wonderful filing system. That's the way I do it too. :) I'm tackling virtual clutter. I'm de-cluttering my blog & store. Pop over for a look.

Confessions of an Apron Queen

Kristi said...

Wow! That is a great tackle!

Marcy said...

Great post...thanks for sharing! I needed some help in figuring out what to do with my reciepts.

Muthering Heights said...

That looks MUCH easier to work with. I also save receipts for waaaaaaaaaay too long...