Tuesday, August 19

Someone Needs to Stop Me!!!!

On buying more summer clothes for Little Miss for next year that is!! I am on a roll with the great deals lately!! Popped into Old Navy this weekend to see if I could find any deals using my 20% off Stuff a Bag coupon. Of course Little Miss made out once again...although I did get myself a pair of jeans for just $8.00!!! The Old Navy store I visited was having a weekend sale of 50% off all Baby Clearance!! Yippee!! Here is what I picked up for Little Miss:

-Pair of Denim Capris......$3.19
-3 Tanks....$1.39 & $1.59 & $1.79
-Khaki skirt....$3.99
-2 Pairs of summer pajamas....$3.59 each
-A summer top....$1.59

They had a good amount of baby items....but I already bought her some clearance over the past few weeks at Kohl's, The Children's Place, and Old Navy...so I just picked up a few things. Now, for the last time, I think Little Miss is set for next summer!! LOL LOL

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