Wednesday, August 6

Garden Center Clearance!!!

Made a quick Walmart run this past weekend to stock up on the Huggies Clean Team wipes and ended up wandering through the Garden Center on our way out. They had tons of Garden Center Clearance!!! Lots of shrubs, flowers, patio sets, chase lounges, umbrellas, planters, swings, a Little Tikes Climber, 2 Metal Swing set, and lots, lots more!!!

We actually purchased a Yard Wagon that was regularly $68 for just $15!!! Yes, the box was a bit weathered...but the wagon inside was in perfect condition!!! This is a great replacement for our steel wheeled wheel barrow that was duck taped in one corner!!! LOL LOL Oh how the scrap metal guy was so glad we bought the new wagon as well...LOL LOL

Did you find any great end-of-the season Clearance at your local Walmart??

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Niki said...

Thanks for the heads up...I'll be sure to check it out next time I head over to the 'mart!