Tuesday, July 29

Be Green Save Some Green: Recycling & Re-purposing

This week's Tipster Tuesday over at BeCentsAble is all about Recycling and Re-purposing items. As I have posted many times in the past...I am a huge fan of both of these things!! Why throw out something that is perfectly usable?? In some instances if the item is not usable to you...trust me there is someone out there who may have just the perfect idea on what to use it for!!

Recycling: Is a big must in our family!! We are big recyclers of our plastic, paper and glass weekly as part of our town-wide Recycle Bank program. We earn points for the amount of products we toss in our large wheeled recycle bucket. We can then cash those points in toward coupons and gift card for local and chain business in our area. We have been participating in the Recycle Bank program for about 6 weeks now...and with the incentive to earn coupons and gift cards I have noticed....we are recycling way more!! Weekly we only have one trash can of trash....as apposed to the 2 to 3 cans we used to place at the curb each week!! We love the new program....not only are we helping the environment...but we are also earning money back too!!

Re-purposing/Reusing: In our house we try to use things for as long as we can...or until they break or wear out. Sometimes though we have an item that is still in perfect condition...but we just no longer have a use for. This happens alot with kiddie items, clothes and toys...as the kiddies grow...there are alot of things they no longer use or need. So in this case, I am a huge fan of Freecycle for passing things on to others we no longer have a use for. Freecycle is a great way to de-clutter our home and give people things they they can use in the process! I have given away many, many items on Freecycle over the years I have been a member...but there is one item that I gave away that I will never forget the recipients appreciation for! A member posted a wanted notice for a winter jacket for her little boy....as he had ripped his while playing outdoors and tore a hole in it and the stuffing was hanging out. One of my close friends had given me her sons winter coat for my Little Man, it was in great condition, it was just to small for her son...but my Little Man already had 2 coats in that exact size. So I offered it to her and she was so happy and appreciative for it!! It made by day I could find it a new home and that it was being used to keep someone warm!!

We also have bought plenty of used items over the years as well!! Browsing yard sales, searching Craigslist, and looking on Ebay are all common places you would find us browsing! There are many items we have seen and even purchased that were gently-used that look brand new. I have even purchased brand new items at yard sales, on ebay and even Craigslist for just a fraction of the regular price!! This is a great way to buy baby clothing...as most times people receive gifts for their baby and never even get a chance to wear an outfit or two...or only get to wear it once!! Toys are another great yard sale find...my Little Man loves shopping yard sales....to him it is like a treasure hunt....trying to find the perfect toy he would like to purchase with the few dollars he has saved up!! He has gotten lots of cool new toys-to-him for next to nothing!

Both Recycling and Re-purposing work great for us in so many ways! Now in our home we are so used to it....it has become a way of life!!

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Kristin said...

Miss Mommy - thanks for the link up!

We just moved from an area where recycling wasn't really encouraged (it was an arduous process each week!) to an area where it is embraced lovingly! I am so happy to be recycling to the fullest degree we can!