Saturday, July 26

Mmm....Tastes Just like it Should!!

A few weeks ago in the 6-08 Sunday paper there was a $1.00 off coupon for New Jell-O Singles. We are a pudding loving when I found them at Target I just had to give them a try!! They were $1.79 for 6 packets...minus the $1.00 off just .89 for 6 single-serve homemade (well sort-of) puddings!!

What are Jell-O Singles, you ask?? The box states that they are ready in minutes, after adding just milk to the pudding packet and stirring!! They are also sugar free and only 80 calories per serving.

I figured it would be neat for Little Man to make the pudding he would like to he is really getting BIG into cooking/preparing food these days!! So...after about a month buried in the snack cabinet...they re-appeared yesterday, and we decide to give them a whirl.

Little Man and I each made one, you just add milk and stir for about 1 1/2 minutes. Then let sit for a few minutes and enjoy!! We also added a dollop of Lite Whipped topping to the top as well...we cheated on the calorie part...LOL They were very yummy!! Tasted just like pre-made Jell-O pudding!! Little Man, Little Miss and I finished the puddings in no time!! Plus, Little Man was so proud of his yummy tasting dessert he made for us!! LOL LOL

If you have a little cooking helper in your house...Jell-O Singles are an easy yummy kid friendly treat to make!!


Justine said...

We found these at Super Walmart the other day for $1.50 each and used the $1/1 coupons too. I agree they are great!!

Miss Mommy said...

I saw them at Walmart yesterday for $1.50....if I did not already have 2 boxes of them I would of bought them. For 50 even better deal!!