Monday, July 28

Keep The Buggies Away!!!

Well summer is in full swing now....and unfortunately the bugs are hip to us being outdoors a lot more! Just the other night, we were all outside at a friends house and the bugs seemed to be attacking our legs non-stop!! Of course the week before while at another picnic, our Skin-So-Soft seemed to of fallen out of our pool bag so that is the reason for our most recent bug bites!! Ouch!!

Not to worry though....if you have little ones and need to keep them bug free (and yourself too!)....Avon has all their Skin-So-Soft marked down to 50% off!! I just ordered a replacement today for the missing Skin- So-Soft Bug Guard Plus we lost for just $5.99! And the best thing is that is is totally safe for the kiddies to use as contains NO Deet! Plus it is also a sunscreen of 30SPF so perfect for those beach days!To save on shipping...find an Avon Representative near you here. It will then give you the option of a local representative delivering it to your home personally to save on shipping costs.

Or if you spend $20 or more use code AVN20FS at checkout for Free Shipping!!

Wishing you a bug-free rest of the summer!!


SkyLaur said...

If I order this and have an avon representative bring it to my home, are they going to be calling me all the time, trying to pressure me into having an avon party?

Miss Mommy said...

LOL LOL!!! Funny Laur!! I ordered mine a few days ago and the representative emailed me to let me know of my expected delivery date. I have yet to speak with her in person!! Do they even still do Avon Parties???