Wednesday, July 16

Our Recycling Rewards!!!

As I had mentioned previously....our town has recently implemented a new recycling program called RecycleBank. We have had 2 pick-ups since the program began....and already I have redeemed some of our points and we received our 1st reward in the mail today!!!! For 50 points I received a $5/40 purchase at ShopRite. I am so excited!!!

I noticed myself since we received the big blue can....that I have been paying a little more attention to what gets recycled. This past week we only had one can full of trash....most weeks we always had at least 2!!! And our recycling can was almost filled to the top...and it is 96 gallons!!! I really think this program should be in all not only is great for the rewards...but also great for the environment as well!!! Here's hoping RecyleBank come to your town soon!

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Angie said...

Yippee for recycling!! :)