Wednesday, July 9


It's summer, it's hotsy what better way for the kiddies to cool off then enjoying a nice cool Popsicle??? I can still remember the yummy twin pops my sister and I enjoyed as kids!! Popsicles are just so refreshing when it is a hot summer day!!

Little Man loves Popsicles....he especially loves the character ones...Dora, SpongeBob, Spiderman, etc. Another words the sugary ones...I can't blame him......I used to love the cool ones too as a kid!! Now that Little Miss is getting a bit older...she to can now spot a Popsicle miles away!! LOL LOL I hate for her to have the sugary ones...not to mention that they are so big...that half of the Popsicle ends up on her shirt!! Whoops!

So to keep her from feeling left out from the Popsicle fun.......Grandma picked up some make-your-own Popsicle holders at Ikea last week for just a few bucks. I just fill them with 100% juice, freeze....and Walla!!! She loves them!!!! They are just the right they have a little lip at the bottom of them to prevent all that dripping on the clothes thing from happening!!!

They are working out great!! Little Man has even had a few of them...LOL LOL

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Niki Jolene said...

Those are cool...Ahhh, how I love Ikea!