Friday, July 11

A Must Read: Parenting, Inc.

A few weeks ago Angie from Baby Cheapskate posted a crib note to the recently published book Parenting, Inc. by Pamela Paul. She said it was a must read for every new parent or parents with new little ones. So off the our local library I headed to see if it was checked in. To my local library did not even have a copy of it!! The women at the reference desk asked for my library card and she put a request in for the library to purchase the book...they would notify me when it came in. I did not even know that wonderful service was available!! 4 Days later I received an email that the book was ready for pick-up. Yeah!! I picked up the book and got started that night. It was even hard sometimes to put it down....I had many late reading nights...LOL LOL

The book is all about how our society has become so into buying so many things for our children. The author touches on many topics.......She breaks down how many parents feel the need to enroll our kiddies at such a young age into multiple classes such as sign language, gym classes, and even mini-clubs with high membership fees. That going from one structured activity to another at age 1 is becoming the new trend. Are all these classes really benefiting the kiddies...or is it for the parents satisfaction ??

She also gets into all the baby items new parents feel that are must haves. With the page long checklists that the Big Baby superstores hand you prior to registering....can you wonder why baby registries are getting longer and longer every year?? I so remember when I had my Little Man a few years back...and the big craze was the wipes warmer!! I just had to have it...after all it was only around $20!! Guess what...I used it burnt all the wipes inside...and then back to the store it went!!! I was I thought in the beginning that I just had to have it....How could my baby survive a cold wipe on his tooshie?? That cold wipe may actually be good for your baby to experience Pamela Paul says.

She also touches on toys. How many toys is too many? And the big learning toy craze....what's that all about? Is it a bad thing that so many toys tell our kiddies what to do?? What happened to the simple blocks and good old spoons and bowls from the kitchen cabinet? Can these lights and talking toys be overstimulating our little ones? Maybe causing more harm than good?? This book uncovers the truth about how toy companies are working us parents....and making a huge profit at the same time!!

I would highly recommend this book to any mom!! I think it is a must read...and really puts a lot into perspective!! It is kind of scary the way us parents are caught up into such purchasing frenzies......thinking we are helping our children out..when actually we may be depriving them of a simple, easy going, playful childhood!!

Try your local library, or I found it on for around $12.50. Amazon also has it...check my left sidebar.

Let me know what you think...or if you've already read it....was it hard to put it down??

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