Friday, July 18

Wondering What His Name Is??

Yes, you see he is a culprit that enjoys creeping around in our backyard...although he does not really bother anyone.....he is not very pretty to look he is taking over!! He has been around for about 3 years now....and I cannot wait for him to go.....Who am I talking about, you ask??? Here is a picture of him.....May I introduce to you....Ground Ivy...our unwanted backyard guest.....

He was here when we moved in about 3 years little patches here and there...mostly in the flower beds. We did a backyard flower bed overhaul over the past few summers and since then each year the ground ivy has started growing in our back lawn now. Grr!! It is starting to take over!! And it has to go!!

I have been pulling it out by hand for months now......a little each and every week. It is a very tedious task there is alot of it!! I am not a huge fan of chemicals with Little Miss always playing and falling on the grass almost daily...LOL LOL

Is there a better, easier way for him to go??? So to Google, I went...Man, how I love Google!! Godsend in so many instances!! I just typed in vine-type weeds in my state...and many sites appeared with pictures and info. Apparently alot of others would like for Ground Ivy to go as well...LOL It took just a few minutes to find him...Trust me I can spot him anywhere....LOL LOL

* recommended to.......Dissolve ten ounces of Twenty Mule Team Borax into four ounces of warm water, then dilute it in 2 1/2 gallons of water. This should be sprayed evenly over 1,000 square feet of lawn, no more, no less.

*The Garden Web gave info on using weed chemicals.........When searching for a herbicide look for products containing triclopyr. This includes Weed B Gon Purple, Weed B Gon Chickweed, and Weed B Gone Max. . The best time to apply your perennial weed control products for species such as creeping Charlie is in fall (October 1-15). At this time weeds will be going dormant and storing nutrients, and if you spray at this time the weed will actually store the herbicide, giving you the best control response. The second best time is in the spring right at and after creeping Charlie flowers.

I suppose I will continue to pick a bit each week...until we decide what approach to take on him. But now I know at least his name....which is a great start on getting him out of here!!!

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