Friday, July 18

May I Have a Snack, Please.....

This exact saying is said in our house multiple times a day!! It seems like in the hot summer months even more than in the winter time.....The summer months bring on lots of outside playtime, trips to the park, swimming, running around, lots of good times for the kiddies!! With all the activities it is no wonder they are always looking for a snack when they take a break for a few minutes to rest.

Now is the fun part for me the try to think of fun, cool, new snacks that are both semi-healthy and fun to eat that the kiddies will enjoy!!! Plus sometime they even need to be we always take a snack/beverage bag wherever we go!! Here are a few things we have tried and the outcome was great!!

*Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter....Mmm!! Even Hubby and I love these!! We just take a Rice cake and spread a little Peanut Butter on's very filling and very yummy!! You can even buy flavored Rice Cakes for more flavor too!!

*Apple and Cheese Slices...This was one of my favorite snacks as a kid!! I just cut up an apple and cut a few cheese slices about the same size, then place them on a plate together...they are a big hit!!

*Carrot Sticks with Ranch Dip.....Or you can choose any dip your kiddies prefer!! I buy the baby carrots, as they are the perfect size for the kiddies hands!!

*Cubed Fruit on Toothpicks...I know sounds a bit crazy...but Little Man will practically eat anything off of a toothpick!!! This is a great easy, fun way to get him to eat his fruit!!

*Make a Snack Mix...This is especially great on-the-go!! I just take a sandwich Ziploc and fill it with pretzels, raisins, cereal, peanuts, whole grain crackers, etc.

*Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich.....Just take a banana unpeel it, cut it down the center, then smear the middle with Peanut Butter and place the other half back on top...a yummy Peanut Better Banana Sandwich!!

*Toasted Cheese Sticks....Just take 2 Slices of Whole Wheat bread and place a slice of cheese in the middle. Squash down and place in the toaster...when it pops up slice into 4 slices. Kids love them!!

These are just some of the healthy snacks we have tried that the kiddies have grown to really enjoy. I also found that when Little Man helps to make the snack...he enjoys it alot more. Plus he has fun taking part in the preparation as well!!

The kiddies also love lots of pre-made snacks such as yogurt, string cheese, pudding cups, granola bars, jello, etc. Yes of course they love all the sugary not-so-good for them snacks too...I just try to make sure I get a few healthy snacks in there day as often as possible.

Do you have a great healthy snack you kiddies really love?? I'd love to give it a try on my kiddies!!!


Anonymous said...

Apple slices dipped in Peanut Butter! the Best!

Audrey said...

My kids used to love kabobs. We'd add white cheese squares, yellow cheese squares and then squares of any fruit I had in the house. They'd beg to make kabobs. They also have always loved veggie dips like spinach dip. I try for dipped veggies versus dipped chips, but spinach dip is really yummy.

I love your banner. I so try to be frugal and thrift :)