Thursday, July 31

When It Works Out In Your Favor!!!

I had to make a quick run yesterday to Home Depot, as one of our bushes died in our yard. We had just purchased 3 of the exact same bushes for one of our flower beds back in April of this year........and one just did not survive?? And....yes I did water it regularly! Not to worry, Home Depot along with Lowe's offers a 1 year stay alive Guarantee!! You must save your receipt though!!!

So I went back today and returned the poor dead bush and got back the $14.97 on a gift card for the original purchase price I paid. I headed out to the Garden Department in hopes that I would find the same Arborvitae that I had returned...but no such luck!!

But....I did find 3 whole racks of 50% OFF bushes, perennials, and flowers!!! So I opted to get a Drawf Alberta Spruce to replace the dead Arborvitae. It is the one in the middle that I think it will look fine!!! half the price....I think it may even look better....LOL LOL

If you are in need of some bushes for your may want to check out your local Home Depot....or even maybe Lowe's for Clearance as the planting season will be over before you know it!!

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