Tuesday, July 15

Hanger Strings....Love Them OR Hate Them???

I am sure you have been there...you take your shirt out of the closet, iron it, put it on, and head out the door. You arrive at a function...you walk up to the first person you see, say hello...and they say...Um.....your strings are sticking out!!! Ah...embarrassment at it's finest...LOL LOL Well this was a very common occurrence to me on many occasions!! And I was a bit tired of it...to say the least. I much rather prefer to say hello when greeting someone...LOL LOL

So what are those crazy little plastic strings for anyway?? I have never, ever used them once to hold a shirt on a hanger...if that is what they were intended for!! I guess maybe they are a conversation starter for me, perhaps?? So what do I do ...I cut them off!!! That's right I just take my good old scissors and cut them off right before I wear a shirt for the first time.....as this is the end of annoying shirt strings for me!! LOL LOL

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