Thursday, July 3

Too Hot 2 Cook.....#3's that time once again...for the weekly Too Hot 2 Cook Recipe of the week.....brought to you by SJ Mom Bloggers. This week, since the 4th is tomorrow, and I am sure you will be throwing or attending a BBQ this long why not a Pasta Salad Recipe??? This is my sister-in-laws famous pasta salad is delicious!!!
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Here's what you need to get started......

Fresh Vegetables

Black olives (sliced)
Tomatoes (diced)
Green and red peppers
Red Onions (if you like onions)
Pasta- 1 lb. box Rotini
Salad Supreme Seasoning by McCormick's
Bottle a Wish-Bone Italian Dressing

Cook the pasta according to the directions, make sure not to overcook. Cut up vegetables to bite sizes. Mix together pasta and vegetables, add 4tbsp of Salad supreme seasoning with about 8oz of Italian dressing. Mix well and taste......add more salad supreme seasoning if needed and Italian Dressing. It taste better if you make it the night before and let sit overnight in the fridge.


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