Thursday, July 24

Look At All the Trucks!!!

My Little Man is in truck heave since last night!! A nice lady on Freecycle offered a BIG box full of Rescue Vehicles and Accessories that her son had outgrown. So yesterday hubby ran over during his lunch break to pick them up....He brought them home after work, I wiped them all down and sanitized them....and Little Man and Little Miss are having so much fun playing with them!! Most even came with working batteries and make all sorts of siren noises!!!

I am a true believe in one man's trash is another man is a great example of that!!! If you have yet to check out Freecycle, take a is a great community!! I have given away so much stuff that we no longer needed..and have also received a few great items for the kiddies as well!! If anything it is a great way to de-clutter your house in no time...LOL LOL

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SkyLaur said...

I'm sorry, I just can't get into freecycle - I am a die hard craiglister. If freecycle would allow you to post/see photos of the items being given away I would probably try to use it more.