Tuesday, July 1

Tipster Tuesday...

It's Tipster Tuesday over at BeCentsAble and this week is all about saving water. Here are a few ways our family has grown accustomed to saving water where we can in our daily lives..... They may seem like simple little things...and most of them are, the simpler the easier to save, right??

*Turn the Water Off When Brushing Our Teeth- All we do it turn it on to wet the toothbrush and fill up a cup of water. No need to leave it running while brushing, for what??

*No Pre Washing the Dishes- We just stick them in the dishwasher and walla...they come out sparkling!! We only run it when it is full as well.

*Water Our Lawn Early....In the summer months when it gets real hot, humid and no rain in sight...watering our lawn sometimes becomes a must!! So if need be we make sure to water in the early AM...before it gets too hot out....eliminating the possibility for the water to evaporate.

*Keep the Lawn High....Hubby mows our lawn at the highest lawn mower setting possible.....this keeps the grass blades higher and helps shade the root system and retain more moisture. This means less watering of our lawn.

*Reuse the Pool Water....Whenever the kiddies are hot....they love to play in the kiddies pool in our backyard...Fun, Fun, Fun. When they are all done playing in it....instead of just dumping the water...I use to water my flower pots, or plants around the yard!

*Mulch Our Beds.....Every spring we get a truckload of mulch delivered to spread on top of all our flowers beds. The mulch helps retain the water...oh and another plus is that it keeps most weeds out too!!

Do you have a great way your family saves on the water bill?? Need more ideas on cutting water usage down?? Head to BeCentsAble for ways other are cutting back as well!!

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