Wednesday, July 16

Do You Have a Kitchen Helper??

In our house Little Miss is a big time kitchen helper....well in her own little way that is.....LOL LOL She just loves to mimic whatever Mommy and Daddy are doing in the kitchen. Whether it be reaching for a bowl, grabbing a spoon, or attempting to grab ingredients from the fridge (If she is fast enough while it is open!).....she is always right there trying to help.

She has recently discovered how to get into a couple of the drawers and started pulling out the foils, baggies, mallets, big metal spoons, etc. It was almost daily...sometimes a few times a day....Instead of totally ruining her fun...and to keep from always taking things away that were a bit dangerous for her to play with, we just re-arranged our kitchen drawers. We made a few of her favorite drawers Little Miss friendly!!

In one drawer we put all her baby bowls, lids and plates in. And let me just tell you all the fun times she has pulling them all out and putting them all back she loves to take them all out and scatter them all over the floor. We also designated 2 drawers underneath our sink to Little Miss as keeps storage containers, the other holds pot holders, a recipe box (which she has yet to master how to open), and a few plastic spoons and rubber brushes which are safe for her to pretend cook with!! Now she is kept busy while we cook.

We re-organized our kitchen drawers about 3 months ago....when Little Miss started to get curious...and it has worked out great for us and she is pleased with the changes as well!!! Now you know why we keep pizza cutters, graters, and other sharp kitchen gadgets in the upper cabinets where the plates should be!!! LOL

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