Wednesday, July 23

How I Love My Microfiber Mitt.....

I am a huge Swifter fact I am not sure what I would do without my Swifter Sweeper!! I also love the Swifter dusters.....they only problem is I find that the price of the refills for the dusters is absolutely outrageous!!!! At our local Dollar General they used to have a knock-off brand...5 refills plus one handle in a pack for $2.00. A little steep.....but the quality was good and they made cleaning a bit $2 was a small price to pay!!!

Then one day I ran into Dollar General to pick up a box...and guess what...the had none!!! And the spot they were usually kept in now had a new product and label in it's spot. They now had a new knock-off brand...5 dusters for $1.75. Okay....I thought I'll give these a I picked up a box and was on my way.

I get home take a duster and refill pad out of the box and get started cleaning....well attempt to, anyway!! I quickly discovered this new knock-off brands stink!!! They hold no dust.,..just move it around into the air...and the handle is the flimsiest thing I have ever seen!! Every time you go to dust the handle collapses!! I spent more time trying to keep the handle in place than dusting!!! So back to Dollar General I went a few days later.

I had noticed when I had went a few days earlier that they had Mr. Clean Microfiber Mitts. It was just $1.75 and it was machine washable!!! Perhaps this would work for me. Plus...there would be no more refills to buy...ever!!

I took home my little mitt....and got started cleaning the blinds. It is amazing!! Collects the dust very well...and fits on your hand just like a mitten does..never moves, falls off, shifts,...just fits perfect!! It is great for dusting mini blinds, baseboard, the tops of pictures hung on the wall, wall shelves, ceiling fans...and much, much more!!! And the best part is that it reusable......I just toss it in the comes out like new!!

I have had my little dusting mate for about 6 months now and it really makes dusting a little less of such a terrible task. So Thank You Dollar General for discontinuing the old knock-off dusters...or I never would of discovered my mitten!!

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Anonymous said...

This is great! Can you use it with Pledge? Thanks!

Miss Mommy said...

I am sure you could....I use them dry and they do a wonderful job ;-)

Colleen said...

Oooh! I'm gonna have to try that!!!

Hairline Fracture said...

Thanks for the tip! I am sure it would work well--and no refills sounds good.