Wednesday, July 23

What Happens When I Rush.....

Late last week I made a quick run into Acme to pick up my sweeper cloths, and since I was there I picked up a 1/2 gallon of milk that I had a coupon for to hold us over till our ShopRite trip. We were in and out in a matter of minutes...I had promised the kiddies a trip to the they were ready to go have some fun!!!

I stop off at home to drop off the milk and off to the park we go!! The next morning....I open up the fridge to get the 1/2 gallon of milk out...and guess what it is expired!! It stinks!! much for holding off on our ShopRite trip for another day!!!

So today I finally ran to take my expired milk back to Acme.....Not to worry...I did not get another one..I will stick to where I know in the milk category....LOL LOL

I am just terrible at remembering to look at the dates on products as I put them in the shopping cart!!! This is just another reminder to me "I have to look at dates"!!! Yet I never forget to look for a coupon for an item, though!!! LOL

While at Acme I had to pick up a tomato for dinner tonight....and I also picked up:

* A Powerade 32 oz. for $1.00 (Used one of the $1.00/1 Powerade coupon from last Sunday's insert's) So this was FREE!!!

*2 rolls of Viva Paper Towels for $1.89 each. I had (2) .75 off coupons from the 7-13 SmartSource insert. Acme doubles coupons up to they doubled these to $1.50 off each. I paid just .39 for each 112 sheet roll!!!! Plus, they are Choose-A-Size rolls too...great for all kids of spills!!!

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Angie said...

Bummer on the milk!

I tagged you, thought I did earlier this morning, but I guess I'm going crazy. Haha :)