Wednesday, July 30

Cleaning Up at Target!!!

For the second week in a row....Target did not disappoint!! Since I did so well on finding lots of items on Clearance at 75% off...I just had to try my luck at another Target not that far away from our home!!! And I am glad I did!! Here is what I found:

*Little Mommy Twin Baby Dolls.....Just $4.37!! (Regularly $17.48) Little Miss will love these under the tree!!

*Thomas & Friends Cranky the Crane for just $4.98 (Regularly $19.98)

*Pair of Circo Summer Sandals for Little Miss for next summer...just $2.98

* Diaper Bag w/Changing Pad for just $6.24 (Regularly $24.99)...I have been eying this thing up since it went 30% off......I was so excited to get this!!! Peace out to my worn out Free Black Similac diaper bag I have been using since Little Miss was born!! LOL LOL

*Bucket of Sidewalk Chalk...Just $1.31 (75% Off) !!! My Kiddies love to draw with this stuff outside!!

*Hot Wheels Car Shooter....$3.74 (75% Off)...Great to have on the holidays will be here before you know it!!

*Pair of water shoes for Little Miss for an upcoming vacation next week...these were $4.18...only 30% off, but she needed them!!

If you have yet to get a chance to run into Target...hurry!!! Hopefully you can still rack up on a few great Clearance deals!!! Already went?? What did you find cheap??

Happy Hunting if you go!!


Meghan said...

No, no, no vaca for you.
Who will I read???????

Anywho, what Target did you hit up. I hit up Mt. Laurel over the weekend but didn't find much. I got Cheeks a big ole dump truck on clearance at the one in C Hill.

I didn't forget about your tag either. Will do!!!

Miss Mommy said...

I have been to so many Targets in the past week....I do not care to visit another for months!!!! LOL LOL

I was at Marlton, Cherry Hill, Voorhees, Delran, and Mt. Laurel.

Niki said...

I admire your Cranky purchase...our evil puppy destroyed ours months ago, and I paid full price for ours. My little guy would kill for another one----the Island of Sodor just hasn't been the same without him.