Tuesday, July 22

Pass the Foil, Please....

So you grab a baking pan, place a piece of leftover pizza on it and stick it in the oven say on 350 degrees for 12 minutes. The timer beeps, you open the oven door...and lo and behold....most of the cheese from the pizza slice is all over the baking pan!!! Man...what a mess to clean up!!! If this sounds like a true story...it is, really!! Has happened to me many times!!

Well, one day my sister was over while I was attempting this procedure...and she said...."Where's your foil?" I thought she was talking to herself or something?? Foil...what do I need foil for?? She grabbed the foil, lined the baking pan with a piece, placed the pizza slice on top of it, then let the pizza warm up in the oven. Timer beeps...I go to the oven take out the pan...and guess what yes some of the cheese has melted...but this time onto the foil...not the pan!!! So later on after eating my yummy slice of pizza....I just pick up the piece of foil and toss...easy clean-up!!! And to think of all the times I have heated up something in the oven and the yucky baking sheet I had to scrub afterwards!! At least there is one smart one in the family...LOL LOL

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