Wednesday, July 30

You Must Be On Your Toes!!!

Well I headed to ShopRite today for our weekly trip....and as always I had a ton of coupons I had handed to the cashier prior to ringing up my order. Most weeks I have well over 10 coupons!! With the 2 kiddies in toe sometimes it is a bit hard to stare at the computer monitor when the cashier is taking off the coupons at the end of the order. And I was so very tired of trying to remember just how many coupons I had to be taken off. So I started writing the number of coupons I am using on the shopping trip on the front of my circular with a circle around it. This way at the end of my receipt I can just count the # of coupons and realize right away if any were not scanned!!! For me this way seems to work!!
Today while at ShopRite, I had 15 coupons I was using for this weeks order. I payed, received my receipt, grabbed my bags, and left the checkout station. I pulled over to the side before the exit of the store and counted the # of coupons taken off.....guess what...1 was missed!! And a $2.00 off one at that!!!

So I proceeded back to the register to ask the cashier that had rang me up where the $2.00 off coupon was on my receipt?? She handed me the coupon back and said go to customer service for a refund!! She did not even look over the receipt or anything!!

It kind of stinks that I have to double check that all my coupons were taken off correctly each and every week. But, unfortunately I must because it happens almost every other week it seems!! Whether it is missed scanned coupons, items of the incorrect size on the end cap with a sale sign for the the smaller sized product, not having items in-stock that are on sale, and making sure they do not bag my dryer sheets with my bakery items...(YUCK!! It has happened many times!!! Nothing worse that a dryer sheet tasting roll!!!!) You must be on your toes and pay attention while at the grocery store...or else you may be paying too much and not even notice!!


Angie said...

I know how you feel. It's hard when the kids are in tow. :) I like the idea of writing the # of coupons used!

Way to go!!!!!!!!

mommagurl32 said...

I had to do the same yesterday. I was at Walmart (you know, in line with 50 people behind me) and I had to watch her with each coupon to make sure the got them. I thought she may have skipped one so I asked her to check them. The people in line behind me were giving me te evil eye but I was gonna get my $1 off!!!