Monday, July 28

Random Kiddie-Related Deals......

A few random deals I came across for this week.....all kiddie/baby related.

Need Apple Juice this week for the kiddies?? Hopefully you have an Acme around your way.....if so you are in luck!! This week through Thursday July 31st. Acme has Store Brand Apple Juice just 5 for $5 (64 oz. bottle)!! Must use the Super coupon on the front page of the store circular for this deal!! Also included in this deal is Acme Cranberry Juice Cocktail as well.

Doing the Johnson & Johnson Deal at CVS this week?? Be sure to check the USA Weekend Magazine that comes in your local Sunday newspaper (if it is included in your Sunday Paper) ours there was a $1.00 off any J&J Baby lotion coupon that expires in 10-08. Most weeks..I never even open up this magazine!!! That has changed from this week forward!!! LOL LOL Remember this weeks J&J deal at CVS is if you spend $20 on participating J&J baby products you get $10 back in ExtraBucks!!!

Still have your Luvs $5 coupon to use? This week ShopRite has Luvs diapers on sale for $7.00 a pack...a savings of $1.50! Use the $5.00 off coupon and you pay just $2.00 for a pack of diapers!!! Yeah...great deal!! Plus...that helps you earn towards your ShopRite Baby Bucks...spend $75 in baby-related products and get a certificate for $10 off your next shopping order of $50 or more!! A great Perk of ShopRite!! No ShopRite near you...No Problem!! At my local Walmart, they have Luvs for $6.99 a pack regular priced!!

Come across any other great kiddies realted deals for this week?? Feel free to leave a comment!!

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Angie said...

$1 J&J coupon and $6.99 everyday low price Luv's. I'm jealous!!! :)