Thursday, July 24

It's Clearance Time!!!!

Made a Target Run yesterday.....and the Target I went to was plum full with loads of Clearance!!! In almost every department too...especially the baby section!! If you or someone you know is expecting...head to Target for some great deals!!! They had lots of clothing, bedding, bath toys, onesies, layette, bibs, almost every car seat/infant carriers was marked down between 15 (most) -30%, and lots of misc. baby related items as well!! The new carseats are about to come out soon, I suppose??

Majority of the summer outdoors items are gone in our local if you are looking for outdoor stuff you may be too late already. But...hey you may find something else you may find you needed...LOL LOL

Here are a few great buys I came across:

*Picked up 3 pairs of sandals for next summer for Little Miss....all were 75% off....paid just $1.74, $3.24, and $2.98 for each of them!!

*Got Little Man 2 pairs of shorts for next summer...75% off...just $3.74 and $4.24 a pair!! They are Mossimo brand too!!

*Picked up an Oshkosh cute little shirt for Little Miss for just $2.24...75% off, for next summer!!

*Also picked up a few baby items as well...all 75% my friend is due with a baby boy in October. Sorry cannot get into it I want it to be a surprise for her!!

I hope to hit another Target over the maybe I can find more deals like these!!! Let me know what you find go if you go!!!


Meghan said...

Ok, what Target did you go to?
Cherry Hill?
I was in CH the other night & didn't see anything altho. they did have summer toys on clearance. I picked up this huge dump truck for Cheeks. He is obsessed with it.

Miss Mommy said...


I never really go to Cherry Hill...they never have any good Clearance.... I was at Centerton Square in Mt. Laurel.

Happy Hunting!!

SkyLaur said...

I am still mad at target for denying my internet coupons a few weeks ago. I actually called customer service to complain (as many people on babycheapskate were doing) in hopes of getting the $3 off any purchase coupon. I got through to customer service in less than 2 minutes, but I guess I wasn't upset enough because they just said they would inform that location to accept internet coupons in the future....uh, thanks.