Monday, July 21

Random Deals.....

Came across a few deals over the weekend in our shopping travels....Here's what we saw/found.....

Babies R Us- Had to run in to make a return so I browsed around quickly to see if they had any good Clearance I had a booklet of coupons they sent me in the mail that are about to expire. I found a Bumpkins Bib on Clearance for just $3.98!! Luckily I have a baby this was the only print they had on Clearance!! These bibs are great...and they last forever!!!

I also bought a 2-Pack of Playtex Thermos Sippy Cups, as there was a coupon for 20% off in the BRU coupon I was able to use it with the 15% off any item coupon as well. So I got them for just $ 5.43!!

Plus when I checked out at the register...the associate handed me a little coupon book with several coupons good from August 1st-15th. So if you go make sure you get one!! There are a few $5/25 purchase coupon in there!!! Also be sure to give your home phone # when they ask for it when checking puts you on their coupon mailing list...or at our local BRU you can fill out the form to sign up at the Baby Registry desk!!!

**Also BRU is changing their return policy....starting August need a receipt to make a return!!!! If you have a Baby registry and the item is on will receive store credit!! They handed me the change of return policy note with my receipt.

Dollar Tree- Ran in for a few cards...and as I walking up the isle to pay I saw lots of Liz Lange Nursing Bras (These are from Target). They were just $1.00 Each!!! A great deal...if they have your size!! At my local Dollar Tree they had lots of 34's and 36's. I loved this nursing bras....they were the only ones I ever bought when nursing....they were around $12-$15 regularly.

Walmart- If you received your Luvs $5.00 diaper coupon in the mail yet...and you are in need of diapers, Walmart's regular price on Luvs is $6.99 a pack. Use the $5 off coupon and get a pack of diapers for just $1.99!!

I also checked to see about using my $2.25 off Electrosol coupon (From last Sunday's coupon inserts)....but the regular price is $3.56...Not cheap enough for me!! LOL LOL I will hold onto it to see if ShopRite has a sale on it before the coupons expiration date!!

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Meghan said...

I just did the Luvs deal tonight.