Tuesday, July 8

Gas Savings Tips...

It's Tipster Tuesday at BeCentsAble...and this week is all about saving some money on the gas bill.... It is not looking like gas prices will fall anytime soon...so save where you can!! Here are a few things our family does to help save on the gas to make fill-ups a bit less painful these days.....

*Pay Cash and Save....In our neck of the woods....as gasoline prices keep rising...fuel stations are now charging more (about 10 cents more) per gallon of gas when you pay using a credit card!!! So I am a cash paying gas girl all the way these days!!!

*We Purchased a 4 Cylinder Auto......We actually did this a few months ago...before gas prices got as high as they are now....but we just had a feeling that they would keep rising. So we let go of our gas guzzler...and traded it in for a 4-cylinder!! I do miss all the room I had in the full soze SUV....but man my wallet would of been empty a lot sooner if I still had it...LOL LOL

*Combine Trips to the Store.....I always try not to run out to just make a trip to one store. Where we live stores are very close togther so parking in the shopping center and hitting two stores at once is a better plan. Plus, this eliminates the need to take the kiddies in and out of the car too many times per outing!!!

*Check the Prices....Near our home there are a few gas stations that are usually about 10 cents or so cheaper than the others. Be sure to look at the price before you pull in!! Also Sam's Club or others aften offer gas at cheaper prices then regular stations.

*Drive A Little Slower.... I will admit....since the kiddies came I drive like Granda!!! No need to race off the line when the light changes green.....I have plenty of time and a little extra gas as well!!

Would you like to see more ways to save on gas....Be sure to checkout BeCentsAble for more tips!!

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