Thursday, July 3

Check 4 Clearance.....

I had to make a quick run into CVS yesterday and on the way out noticed some Bright yellow Clearance tags down one of the isles. So of course...I had to see what the clearance consisted of!! LOL LOL They had about 6 shelves at the end of one isle full of Clearance...all 75% OFF!!! All summer items...I suppose it is getting time to put out back-to-school supplies soon??

So I ended up purchasing this container of Miracle Grow for just $1.25!!! Some other items they had at my local CVS were garden clogs, summer plates, glasses, decorations, pillows, table cloths, knick knacks, and more!!
So if you have to run to CVS in the next few days...take a never know what Clearance deals your store may have!!!

Happy Hunting!!

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