Thursday, July 3

Why it Doesn't Hurt To Ask......

Last evening we had to make a quick run to purchase a 1st birthday present for a party we are attending this Saturday. In the same shopping center was a Foot Locker that popped up about 2-3 months ago. I had never even stepped inside. Little Man is so badly in need of new his foot is growing like a weed lately! I have been on the lookout, but since he is now in boys sizes....the prices are a bit more than toddlers...and the selection is a bit slim in most stores I used to be able to get great deals on sneakers!!!

I have always found Footlocker a bit pricey for kids shoes. But since it was just two stores down from Buy Buy Baby...I thought why not?? Hubby had been in there once before looking for himself....and he had said that they were quite pricey...for supposedly being a discount Foot Locker. So went in not having such high hopes.

We walked around....smaller type of store...very organized, but not busy at all. Throughout the in the front window they had signs posted "Up to 50% off". I found a few pair in Little Man's size I liked...he tried them on and really liked one pair. I then look at the price sticker and it says $41.99!!! WOW!!! Guess I should of looked at that 1st!!! My mistake.

I started browsing some more...thinking maybe there was a Clearance section perhaps...because I know that kids sneakers are not regularly like $80 or so!!! So a very nice associate approached us and asked if we needed any help. I politely asked "Where are the up to 50% off shoes?" He said...Oh...the ones in your hand are 50% off!!!! Yippee!!!!

I suppose, one reason they are not very busy is because like hubby experienced the first time he was in the store ...he looked at price...thought too expensive and walked out! They should definitely advertise the 50% off items way better than they do!! Some people do not like to ask questions...they feel they are being bothersome.

Not me.....LOL LOL So we got Little Man a new pair of New Balances for just $21....I hope they start advertising better...this way when Little Man needs another new pair of sneakers they are still open!!!


Meghan said...

Thanks for the tip.
I was just at the shopping center the other night & noticed that store & thought "Oh how convenient" I will check them out!

Miss Mommy said...

Let me know how you make out Meg!!