Tuesday, July 15

Fan of The Swiffer???

My sister got me hooked on it a while back....and I love it!! It is great for those in-between floor cleanings.....when there is just not enough time to pull out the mop and bucket or vacuum. The Swiffer refills are a tad expensive....not to worry though if you are almost out you are in luck!! This week until Thursday, Acme has Acme Sweeper Cloths (16 count box) for just $1.00!!!! You save $3.29 per box!! Great Deal!!! I have been using these for months and they are great...just like the name brand!! I went and stocked up today......Just in case they are not on sale again for a bit...LOL LOL


jskell911 said...

We buy generic cloths at the Dollar Tree. They work just as well as the Swiffer, and with a long haired dog and hardwood floors these are a must!

Miss Mommy said...

Wow...I didn't even know Dollar Tree sold them...Good to Know Thanks!