Wednesday, July 2

Everyday Products....And Different Ways to Use Them

I was online the other day and I was looking for ways to fertilize the lawn without using chemicals (As Little Miss loves to play on the grass!!)....and I stumbled upon a site called Joey Green...wacky uses for well known products that you probably already have in your house. It was very interesting to find out the many, many uses for products like Soda, Cheerios, Syrup, Bleach, and many, many more!! There is a list of at least 50 different items each one with many different uses.

In my search for lawn fertilizer I learned that I can mix one cup Listerine, one cup Epsom salts, one cup liquid soap, and one cup ammonia in a one-quart jar, and fill the rest of the jar with beer. Then spray using a hose-sprayer on the lawn in May and again in late will fertilize the lawn perfectly!!
No need to fertilize the lawn at your house....then maybe you would like to check out the other uses for Listerine here.

I guess I have been living under a rock...because I have learned that Joey Green has been on many talk-shows and morning news programs with all this useful info many times!! Yes...I may be late in finding this all out....but hey better late than never!!

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Meghan said...

I have a wacky use!!!
I have been using my ice cream scooper for a mallet.
I don't have one & my scooper is heavy.
Works like a charm!