Tuesday, July 1

It Was Long Overdue.....

Cleaning out our bathroom closet that is......I knew it was finally time to get to cleaning it out....... How you ask?? When someone would reach in too get something, and a whole bunch of stuff gets knocked over or falls to the floor....that's the clear indication that it's time to clean!! You see...I think part of the problem is that I have a slight CVS addiction, I am way into stockpiling!!! ...LOL LOL

So here is the before shot:

Little Miss helped me...she had a great time unloading the closet!! Let me just tell you! She also was a tad bit upset when I started to put everything back in.

I was also able to come to the conclusion that we do not need to purchase any more toothpaste (10 tubes), deodorant (20 of them), and we can surely go without buying band aids for a bit as well (8 boxes)!!!

And this is the way it looked afterwards...All Clean and Organized!!

It took about an hour...and man it was an hour well spent!! Even hubby noticed how clean it was.....and that is a rare occurrence...LOL LOL Now let's see how long it will last??? Anyone have a guess??


Meghan said...

will you come to my house & clean out my linen closet?

Miss Mommy said...

HA! Ha! Ha! Your a funny one today Meg!!

The Apron Queen said...

You're making the rest of us look bad! :D

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Karen said...

It looks good! Way to tackle. Now, if it would only stay that way, right?

linda said...

Nice Tackle. I love how you organized it.

Heart of Wisdom said...

Very Nice!

Looks really good.

Muthering Heights said...

That looks great! It's cool you could do it together!