Thursday, July 10

To Steve & Barry's We Went....

We had a birthday party this past Saturday..and on the way we decided to leave a little early to check out Steve & Barry' they have a store right around the corner from the party we were attending. I had heard about the chain a few weeks back when they had a story air about them on TV. You can read that post here. I had told hubby all about them and we were excited to check them out for ourselves.

The store was HUGE!!!! It was so big it was almost overwhelming!!!! They have a massive selection of Men's , Women's, Girls, Boys & Baby Clothing as well as Shoes, College Apparel, and even Golf Apparel. Everything in the store is just $8.98 an item!! Several T's were even on special 2 for $15 if you bought 2.

The store was clean, mostly organized...except for a few the women's jeans...WOW!!! What a mess that was! They offer fitting rooms, the staff was friendly, and they even accept credit cards. We were in the store for about an hour....browsing, and taking in the's kind of a little weird to shop knowing that every item you pick-up is the same price as the last and next!!! Not bad...just a little weird!!! LOL LOL

We found a few great items....headed to the fitting room...and ended up just buying this cute little jacket for Little Miss!!! It's so darling...I cannot wait for fall so she can wear it!!!

I am sure we will stop in again..if we are it was a neat store. And I am sure they will get new merchandise before we get back. We are glad we went....and look forward to the next time.

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