Monday, June 30

You Would of Thought They Were Giving Stuff Away.....

We headed to Old Navy on Saturday...we hadn't planned on going but my mother-in-law called us and asked if we would try to stop in and see if they had any of the $1 Flip Flops...for my sister-in-laws wedding reception. So Little Miss had fallen asleep so we could run just a few more errands while she slept.

We drove into the parking lot....and it was jam packed...not a spot available!! We had to head to a neighboring lot to park. We should of known then....We headed inside to find the place jumping!! People everywhere..never have I seen it so crowded...not even around Christmas!!

They had all the flip Flops in the center of the store (that was great!)...or at least used to have....they had way more empty racks than full ones!! All they had in women's were white, black, and brown....and only had size 5 and 6's left!!! Darn...maybe if I glue 2 together for myself they may work??? LOL LOL So, we got none for me...and none for my they had hit another Old Navy up earlier in the day and got size 5 and 6's already!! We did manage to get a few pairs for hubby and Little Man though.

They were having a summer sale....most items were 50% off...not really cheap enough for me yet...LOL LOL But, I did get Little Miss a bathing suit for $7.25...she was in dire need...if you would of seen her belly in the one she has now!! She's growing like a weed, least her belly is, anyway!!!

Plus, I at the bottom of my receipt printed a 10% off coupon for my next visit...I;ll be saving that for the 75% off summer sale..coming up soon!! Can't wait!!

So were you able to get any $1 Flip Flops on Saturday?? Maybe you had better luck...or maybe you are one of the lucky ones who has tiny feet?? LOL

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Angie said...

I have a whole laundry basket full of flip flops, so I forced myself not to drive by an Old Navy. Haha!