Thursday, May 22

Steve and Barry's...Have You Been??

Just the other night I was changing the channel on the TV about to watch my Jay Leno....and I caught the preview for Night Line, the late evening news program on ABC. It was talking about 2 guys and their "Cheap" clothing store they opened called "Steve and Barry's". Of course, I was hooked into watching it...since it was really just the second time I had ever heard their name. (Thanks to reader Meghan for the 1st!!) I just had to see what they were all about!!

Steve and Barry opened up a college retail store many years ago selling college logo items right outside big colleges offering cheaper prices on virtually the same items!! It caught on big and they have now extended the idea to a retail clothing line....they offer prices cheaper than even Walmart!!!! They have over 260 stores worldwide with more to come.

They can offer such cheap prices because they do not advertise via regular Tv ads, billboards, etc. They instead choose to offer their products to an athlete, or well known celebrity to wear and use to show that they do have great product for under $10!! And that includes sneakers as well!!! They also do not sell online, only in-store to cut costs. And if you only could of seen their offices.....they have a old couch from their grandmother's basement in the waiting room!!! LOL LOL

I checked to see if they have a store not too far from me, and it is about 25 minutes away. On our travels now that I know it is day I am sure we will stop in and see what we can find!!! It seems like I store fit just for me!!!! LOL LOL

If you would like to read the whole article click here to view.

Have you ever been to Steve and Barry's?? Did you like the store? Would you go back?? I would love to hear your feedback!!


Meghan said...

Go Steve & Barry's!
Go Steve & Barry's!!!!

I got such good deals on stuff this past Winter when the "boys" went to Speedweek.

Love them, as you well know! Hee hee.

life--as best we can said...

I love Steve and Barry's clothes! Good prices for trendy clothes and the have some good staples too!

Miss Mommy said...

Meghan...Have you ever been to the S&B's in Deptford? I think that one is the closest to us.

I just cannot wait to go...sounds like I am missing out...and we can't have that!!!! LOL LOL

Amber said...

Hello! I found your terrific blog looking up info regarding CVS deals and I LOVE IT! Will definitely add to my favorites.

That said, I thought everyone should know that Steve and Barry's has gotten into trouble in the past because they use logos, etc... from universities without getting the license to use these various graphics, slogans, logos, etc.. For me, I don't really care if the shirt I wear is licensed or not, I just want something that shows I support my team.

However, some of what they're selling is illegal. I know the Steve & Barry's store at my alma mater got shut down because of this. Yikes!