Friday, June 6

Acme....Introducing More Ways to Save!!!

As you already know I am not a weekly Acme shopper, but I usually go once a month on a week they have a few great sale items that I just have to cash in on. Well, now Acme is introducing a new program called "More Ways to Save". Acme is trying to help you get the most food for your money!! There are a few great perks to the program.....

*Knocked Down Prices- They have lowered prices on thousands of items all through the store....Just look for the Down Price Tags!

*SuperCard Savings- Use your SuperCard to save on HOT weekly advertised specials. (This was currently already in place...guess they are just re-iterating it...)

*10 for $10 Zone- They now have a 10 for $10 Zone section in-store....with over 50 budget-busting money savings items!

*Double Coupon Policy- They now double coupons up to .99!!!! This has to be by far the best of the "More Ways to Save Program"!!!

*Extended Savings- The Acme Big Book is full of extended SuperCard saving! (Also not a new they have had the Big Book of Savings around for quite some time now.)

This week the circular features 7 "Extra Savings Coupons" found at the bottom of a the first and last page of the weekly circular for Buy 1 Get 2 FREE items. The sale runs today, Friday until next Thursday June 12th.

I am excited that Acme has implemented this new savings only if ShopRite will follow I will be one Happy Money Saving Shopper!!

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