Monday, June 2

Our Day At The Race Track.......

This past Friday, hubby myslef, and Little Man headed for a day to trip to Delaware to the Dover Downs Race Track to see the NASCAR Trucks Race. Little Man just loves Race Cars and racing!! Hubby got some Free we just had to check it out. I was a bit skeptical at first...but we really had a great time!!!

The car ride was a bit took a little over 2 hours to get there...the traffic was a bit backed up!! Little Man was in the back seat the whole time anxiously waiting to arrive at the track!!! I for sure thought he would sleep the car ride, but with all the excitement...he was just not into sleeping!!

We arrived about 1 hour before the race began.....we walked around, saw some race cars, took a few pictures, and took in the scenery. Then it was off to our go the earplugs . Little Man is ready starts...he's pumped...then as the trucks go around the track for the first time....the wind from the trucks blow a big gust of wind and rubber...(maybe?? little black pieces of stone??) WOW!!! Remember this was our first race and we we not sure how it all worked. Needless to say we were off to the restroom to rinse out Little Man's eyes..and then rushing back to the seats we Little Man was afraid he would miss the race!! This time we put his sunglasses on as block the wind and debris flying. Worked perfectly!!

We also got to see a couple crashes, honestly, I think that was Little Man's favorite part...naturally... LOL LOL On the way out we bought him a mini-Race car to remember the day we spent at the Race Track!! I am sure if hubby can get more Free tickets in the future, we would go see my sons face filled with so much excitement was juts the best part of the whole experience!!!!

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Meghan said...

Ok & I must be destined to be friends b/c we are leading similar lives!!!

My bil, sil & respected spouses were at Dover Downs...we had the kids but we watched on tv.

Coinky dink!