Tuesday, June 10

How About a Nice Slurpee to Cool You Down??

Has it been super hot where you are the past few days?? Well around our way it has been well over 90 degrees for about 3 days now...today is #4...Yippee!! I really should not be complaining....as in the heart of winter, I just could not wait for the warm weather to arrive!! So here we are!! I promise I will make the best of it!! How about a coupon for a Slurpee to cool you down?? I know Little Man loves Slurpee's...he will be so excited to get the 1st one of the season!!

Well, 7-Eleven is promoting the new Hulk movie that comes out on June 13th with Hulk Collector Slurpee Cups and offering you a B1G1 Free Slurpee coupon!! Click here to print the coupon.

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