Monday, June 23

Deals 2 Good To Pass Up at ShopRite.....

Made my weekly trip to ShopRite yesterday....they had a few things that were a good buy this week. Here are a few things I ran in for......

*Capri Sun 100% juice pouches(10 count)......$1.88 each!! These are great to have on hand in the fridge for those hot summer day outings!!!!

*Hansen Junior Juice boxes (4 count)....69 cents...great for the little ones who cannot drink a full juice box!

*Popsicle Brand Popsicles (18-24 count) or Ice Cream Shots....$1.99 each

*Kudos Granola Bars $1.99 (I always get coupons for these that print from the coupon machine at checkout!!)

*Heinz Ketchup (2lb. 14 oz. container)...$1.49

*Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce....$1.00 each....(Look for rebate for a free jar in this Sunday's coupon inserts!)

*Royal instant Pudding Boxes....29 cents each!! These are great to make for an evening snack!!

*Gerber Little Munchies (Wagon Wheels, and Crunchies) just $1.67 each. Use your manufacturer's coupons from Gerber to save even more!

*Top Round London Broil Twin Package...(Limit 1)....$1.39 a lb.

*Ray-O-Vac Batteries....2 count-12 count.....AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-Volt.......$2.99 each (Use your $1.00 off manufacture coupon from yesterday's coupon inserts to save even more!)

I just made a quick run-in trip today...not a whole lot on sale this they are having a FREE gas card promo this week. I noticed that there are a lot of items featured in the circular are not on sale...or are very little off the regular price!

Any other great deals you came across this week at ShopRite??

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