Monday, June 23

Oatmeal Lovers In You House??

My two kiddies just love Instant Oatmeal....between the two of them we go through a box a week. My Little Man has been eating it for years...and Little Miss has grown to love it just as much!!! They eat it most mornings for breakfast...and even sometimes for a snack in the afternoon on occasion.

Quaker Instant Oatmeal very rarely goes on sale....and at regular price of around $3.50-$4.00 a can start to add up quickly week after week. Plus it is rather rare to find coupons for and again maybe but not regularly! Knowing that Little Man loved it I would always check our local stores to find the cheapest price. I found that Shop Rite carries their store brand Instant Oatmeal for just $1.50 a box an everyday low price!! If a ShopRite is not in your area.......Check Target. Near me Target has the next cheapest at $1.69 a box for Market Pantry brand. I have tasted both brands and they both taste just like Quaker!

So why Instant?? Yes, it may be a bit cheaper for me to purchase a container of Quaker Quick Oats and cook them myself for the kiddies...asI would get a few more bowls of oatmeal out of it. But they usually both wake up at different times....and if you have ever tasted hour old would agree not to serve it to the kiddies as well...LOL LOL I also sometimes pop a packet in the diaper bag when we are heading out....if all else fails I know Little Miss will eat oatmeal anytime! They are also a fan of the different flavor varities....this way as to not eat the same thing everyday.

Just in case you have an oatmeal lover in your home as well...

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Rita said...

Hi Just read your post on Oatmeal...I recently started making it from scratch for my daughter and adding honey or brown sugar that way I control the amount of is what I's just as quick...I add 1/4 cup oatmeal (from canister)...1/2 cup water or milk and microwave for 2 minutes...perfect oatmeal...sometimes before hand I'll add chopped bananas, apples or I've even snuck some grated carrots in. We add maple syrup, brown sugar, or honey for "sweetness" and sometimes cinnamon or chocolate chips for flavoring....use your imagination.