Saturday, June 7

Another CVS Trip......

Man...this week I felt like I practically lived there...LOL LOL As always with the beginning of the month...I usually visit CVS at least twice in the first week. I just have to get all those great Monthly ExtraBucks deals before they are all gone...can't have that! I am also not a huge fan of making multiple transactions during one trip to CVS I always have lots of coupons to redeem along with ExtraBucks.....I just like to keep a low profile there. As there is really only 1 CVS right by my house and with the high cost of gas prices I would rather not drive to the other two a bit further away. So sometimes I will walk up to CVS with Little Miss...or we will stop in while I am out running errands that day. Never just make a special trip there anymore....

This is what I purchased:

-3- Chex Turtle Snack Mix @$1.00 each
-2- CVS 40-count Band aids @$1.99 each
-1- M&M Minis Container @ $1.49
-1- Listerine Smart Rinse @ $3.49

I had the following coupons:

-1- 1.00/1 Turtle Chex Mix (Came with the Free Sample I got from Chex a while back)
-1- 1.00/2 Turtle Chex Mix (From Memorial Day GM Sunday coupon insert)
-1- 1.00/1 Listerine Smart Rinse (From Sunday inserts a few weeks back)
-2- $4.00 in ExtraBucks (From previous trips to CVS this week)

So I paid just $1.24 out of pocket and I received $7.46 back in ExtraBucks!! ( $3.49 for the Smart Rinse and $1.99 x2 for the CVS Band aids)

**Note.....I had mis-calculated the total before I went up to the register to I had planned on getting another Huggies wash, but they were all out. So after all my coupons were taken off and my ExtraBucks I had a total of -.24!!! So Little Man had already asked if he could get the M&M minis before we checked out....and being that they were right at the register I said OK. $1.49 is a little much for a tiny little thing of M&M's but I know he will thoroughly enjoy them!!! What can I say.....he's my Little Man, and I just have to give in sometimes.....LOL LOL

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