Wednesday, June 11

Bartering....Have You Tried It?

Have you ever bartered before?? Meaning have you ever traded services or goods without the exchange of money?? Now that economy is not as good as it used to be I hear that bartering is the new up and coming way to get theings and services you need. I am now noticing more ads in my local newspaper for bartering goods and services, plus Craigslist has a Bartering Category that is pretty popular these days. I myself have never tried it.... Sounds like a great idea though. Itseems like a great way to get rid of items you are no longer using or need and exchange them for an item/items that you would love to own or want. Now that I think back maybe I could have bartered some of Little Miss's baby items?? Would someone really want them? Would they really have something I needed or would have wanted in return? I had never even thought about it??

I would love to know if you have bartered before? Did it work out? Now that you look back was it a good experience for you? Any downside to the barter you participated in? Please I am very curious to see if it actually works out well for both sides.

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Niki said...

I barter! A fellow member of my mother's club gives me mani/pedi's once a month in exchange for an afternoon of babysitting her son.