Tuesday, June 3

Linens N Things...Sad News

I am a little nervous, as you know LNT filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy a few weeks ago...and now they have announced that under-preforming LNT stores will be closing. All other stores are supposed to remain open, with business as usual. I am a huge fan of Linens N Things...I get a good amount of items there. I especially love the HUGE clearance section that our local LNT has....and the 20% off and $5 off coupons they send out are awesome!! They also have some great holiday sales too!!

Luckily my 2 local LNT stores will not be closing....yet anyways. I have my fingers crossed. There are a total of 120 stores that are on the "X" list. To find out if a store near you is closing click here.


Anonymous said...

It is sad. I work for a company that manages and tracks gift cards, and I've been following the LNT BK on savvywallet.com. Since there are stores that are closing in some areas, it may be a good idea to go out and spend those gift card that are still lying around. If the stores around you are closed, you may be out of luck. You can always spend it online, but there is nothing better than going in and spending the gift card.

Miss Mommy said...

Austin...Great Advice!! I was actually so nervous when LNT first announced bankrupty that I went out the very next day to redeem all the giftcards I had for them.